Mozzart Refunds

Mozzart Refunds offer players a chance to receive cash back, potentially up to 100 times their stake, if they miss one pair on a ticket with at least four pairs.

Happy Monday Jackpot

Every Monday, Mozzart Bosnia surprises its players with the Happy Monday Jackpot promotion, where players receive a surprise bonus (randomly chosen fund) every Monday.

Super Multi Bonus

The Super Multi Bonus is a distinctive feature that offers players an opportunity to magnify their winnings manifold.

Mozzart Refunds

Mozzart Refunds by Mozzart Nigeria, provides players with a safety net against potential losses caused by an unexpected outcome in their betting ticket.

Super Multi Bonus

The Bonus 1000% from Mozzart Nigeria is a unique feature designed to enhance potential player winnings significantly. It offers percentage bonuses ranging from a minimum of 2% during regular periods to an impressive 1000% during the exclusive Happy Hour.

You bet, We pay!

The “FIRST TICKET CAN’T LOSE” bonus is a special offer available to both newly registered and existing players on the Mozzart Bet platform. It ensures that the player’s first ticket each week is eligible for a refund in the form of a free bet.

Happy Monday Bonus

The Happy Monday Bonus is awarded every Monday to players with active accounts on, regardless of their recent account activity.

Mozzart Refunds

 Mozzart Refund is an exclusive feature designed to mitigate the impact of a lost match in multi-bets, offering up to 100 times cash back and enhancing player satisfaction by providing a second chance to win.

Super Daily Jackpot

The Mozzart Super Jackpot competition offers participants the chance to predict the final outcomes of 16 pre-selected football matches, providing an exhilarating opportunity for engagement and substantial rewards.

Super Grand Jackpot

The Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot is an opportunity for players to predict outcomes and win substantial rewards.