Mozzart Refunds

What is Mozzart Refunds?

Mozzart Refunds offer players a chance to receive cash back, potentially up to 100 times their stake, if they miss one pair on a ticket with at least four pairs.

Can you provide an example of how Mozzart Refunds work?

If a ticket with four pairs and a payment of 10.00 KM has hit odds of 60.00 with one missed pair, the player wins double the value of their payment, amounting to 20.00 KM (2×10 KM).

How do Mozzart Refunds help players?

Mozzart Refunds reduce stress by offering relief even after one pair on the ticket fails. Additionally, the payout structure varies based on the hit odds on the ticket, providing flexibility and potential for higher returns.

What are the rules for Mozzart Refunds?

The “Pay Miss” bonus applies to tickets with one missed pair and a minimum of four pairs. The payout amount depends on the product of odds on the affected tips. Payment is made at the original payment point for the ticket, and it’s not applicable for system and live bet tickets.

Is there any additional information about Mozzart Refunds?

Players entitled to TICKET PLUS before the introduction of the “Pay Miss” cash bonus can utilize their betting vouchers. It’s essential to retain tickets as they now offer the opportunity to benefit from the “Pay Miss” bonus.

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