Happy Monday Jackpot

What is the Happy Monday Jackpot promotion?

Every Monday, Mozzart Bosnia surprises its players with the Happy Monday Jackpot promotion, where players receive a surprise bonus (randomly chosen fund) every Monday.

How does the Happy Monday Jackpot work?

Players receive funds through the Happy Monday Jackpot, exclusively intended for gameplay within the site or app, unable to be withdrawn until used in-game

How can players use the funds from the Happy Monday Jackpot?

Players can allocate these funds between the betting account and the casino account. These funds can be used for betting or playing casino games, depending on the allocation. Any winnings earned from these funds convert into real money, boosting the player’s balance in their respective gaming areas.

Where can players access and use the Happy Monday Jackpot?

The Happy Monday Jackpot transferred to the Betting account is located in the HMJ section. Users can access it while playing a ticket by selecting the HMJ section and paying for the ticket using funds from the HMJ account. During ticket payment, players have the option to use real money or HMJ funds.

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