Super Daily Jackpot

What is the Mozzart Super Jackpot competition about?

The Mozzart Super Jackpot competition offers participants the chance to predict the final outcomes of 16 pre-selected football matches, providing an exhilarating opportunity for engagement and substantial rewards.

What are the requirements to participate in the Super Jackpot competition?

To qualify for the Super Jackpot, participants must purchase their tickets before the start of the first match.

How does the stake and combinations system work for the Super Jackpot?

The fixed stake for one combination is set at 20 Kshs, allowing players to place multiple combinations, including double or triple outcomes, with each new combination costing 20 Kshs.

What are the prizes and bonuses offered in the Super Jackpot competition?

The Super Jackpot boasts a fixed prize pool of 20 million Kshs, which will be equitably distributed among the winners. Additionally, cash prizes are awarded to players correctly predicting 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, or 15 pairs

How are matches handled and managed within the Super Jackpot competition?

Final results for matches consider regular play outcomes, excluding extensions and penalties, unless specified otherwise. In the event of canceled or postponed matches, the company reserves the right to cancel the jackpot and refund stakes.

What happens if there are match shortages or postponements?

In case of match shortages or odds 1 announcements, winnings for different scored pairs and match postponements will be shared equally among winners. Specific amounts are allocated based on the number of scores and postponed matches.

In conclusion, what does the Super Jackpot promotion offer to participants?

The Super Jackpot promotion provides a thrilling opportunity for participants to engage in exciting football predictions and stand a chance to win significant cash prizes. Mozzartbet ensures transparency and fairness in managing this rewarding competition.

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