Super Grand Jackpot

What is the Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot?

The Mozzart Super Grand Jackpot is an opportunity for players to predict outcomes and win substantial rewards.

How does the Jackpot Competition work?

The Super Grand Jackpot involves forecasting the final results of 20 pre-selected football matches curated by Mozzart Bet.

What are the constraints for purchasing tickets?

Participants are required to purchase tickets prior to the commencement of the first match to qualify for the Super Grand Jackpot. The ticket’s game count ranges between a minimum and maximum of 20 matches.

What are the stake and combination options available?

A fixed stake of 50 Kshs per combination is stipulated. Players can engage in multiple combinations, including double or triple outcomes, with each new combination incurring a 50 Kshs cost.

What is the prize pool for the Super Grand Jackpot?

The Super Grand Jackpot prize pool is set at 200 million Kshs, evenly distributed among the winners.

Are there bonuses available for predictions?

Yes, participants correctly predicting 0, 17, 18, or 19 matches receive a cash prize bonus, equally divided among the respective winners.

How are postponed games handled?

In the event of postponement, interruption, abandonment, or suspension of one, two, or three games on the ticket, odds of 1.00 will apply to those games.

How are winners determined?

The final results of matches will be based on the regular period, excluding extensions or penalties.

What is the verification and payment process for winners?

Winners need to present themselves at Mozzart offices with valid identification for verification before receiving any payments. The company reserves the right to validate presented identification with relevant authorities before disbursements.

Where can bets be placed?

Bets can be placed conveniently through SMS on number 29990, the Mozzart App, or the website

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