Mozzart Refunds

What is Mozzart Refunds at Mozzart Kenya?

Mozzart Refund is an exclusive feature available for players engaged in multi-bets, designed to mitigate the impact of a lost match, offering players a second chance to win and enhancing overall satisfaction.

How does Mozzart Refund work?

 Players placing multi-bets with a minimum of 4 games can benefit from Mozzart Refund if one game results in a loss, excluding its odd from the bet slip.

How is the refund amount calculated?

The refund amount varies based on the total odds per ticket, calculated by subtracting the odds of the lost match from the total odds of the multi-bet.

What are the specific refund amounts based on winning odds?

  • Refund Table:
  • Minimum Winning Odds: Mozzart Refund Amount
    • 29 and above: Stake x 1
    • 59 and above: Stake x 2
    • 99 and above: Stake x 5
    • 499 and above: Stake x 10
    • 999 and above: Stake x 100

Can you provide examples of refund calculations based on winning odds and stakes?

  • Refund Examples:
    • Example 1: Winning odds between 29 and 58, Ksh 100 stake, refund of Ksh 100.
    • Example 2: Winning odds between 59 and 98, Ksh 100 stake, refund of Ksh 200.

Are there any specific rules and conditions for Mozzart Refunds?Mozzart Refund applies to tickets with only one pair missed, comprising a minimum of four pairs, except for live betting and system bet tickets. Refunds are provided at the point of sale for offline tickets and processed online similar to any other winning ticket for online transactions.

Conclusion about Mozzart Refunds:

Mozzart Refund acts as a safety net for players in multi-bets, ensuring potential winnings despite a single match loss. This feature is aimed at enhancing player engagement and satisfaction, contributing to a more rewarding betting experience

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