Mozzart Refunds

What is Mozzart Refunds?

Mozzart Refunds by Mozzart Nigeria, provides players with a safety net against potential losses caused by an unexpected outcome in their betting ticket.

Who qualifies for Mozzart Refunds?

Players engaging in multi-bets with at least four games are eligible for Mozzart Bet Refund. Players can receive a refund based on their stake and odds if one game results in a loss (with its odd excluded).

How are refunds calculated?

The refund amount is determined by deducting the odds of the lost match from the total odds of the multi-bet. Refunds are distributed across different tiers, multiplying against the participant’s stake:

  • 29: Refund equals the participant’s stake.
  • 59: Refund equals 2x the participant’s stake.
  • 99: Refund equals 5x the participant’s stake.
  • 499: Refund equals 10x the participant’s stake.
  • 999: Refund equals 100x the participant’s stake.

What are the conditions for the “Pay out your loss” bonus?

This bonus applies to players who experience a single missed event on a betting ticket of at least four pairs/types.

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