How Do I Login to My Affiliate Account?

You can easily log in to your affiliate account by clicking on the ‘Login’ button on our website or by visiting this page

How Does the Affiliate ID System Work in Connecting Players to Affiliates?

When a visitor to your website clicks on a link containing your affiliate ID and navigates to the partner website, your ID is assigned to their click. If the visitor registers, your ID is linked to their account, and you are paid based on their net losses for as long as they play at one of our partner sites. We look at the origin of each visitor to the partner brand, and if they came from an affiliate link, we attribute them to that affiliate.

What Should I Do If My Account Is Locked?

If your account is locked, please contact your dedicated affiliate manager or our support team at for assistance.

How Long Is the Cookie Duration?

The cookie duration is 30 days. This means that a referred player could navigate away from our websites, and if they return within 30 days, they will still be credited to your Affiliate Account.

Do You Provide Tracking Codes?

The availability of tracking codes varies by brand. Please get in touch with your Affiliate Manager to discuss how we can best assist you.

How Can I Get Access to Active Campaigns and Marketing Tools?

To access live campaigns and marketing tools, log into your affiliate account, go to the ‘Media’ dropdown, and select ‘Media Gallery’.

Can I request custom-sized banners or specific content

Yes, we accommodate special requests on a case-by-case basis, considering design resources and requirements. Simply reach out to us with all the relevant details, including the design specifications and size needed

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