Where Do I Find My Statistics?

When you log into your account, you’ll see a wide range of reports detailing the traffic to your site and any transactions made. We provide detailed insights to help you effectively track your performance at Mozzart Affiliates.

When is the Data Updated?

Every day, statistics covering the previous day are updated around 04:00 CET. Mozzart Affiliates provides timely and daily updates to keep you informed about your performance.

Will I Be Informed of Upcoming Campaigns?

Yes, we send monthly newsletters to all our affiliates in various markets, detailing our upcoming campaigns. Additionally, you will also receive information from our affiliate managers and other team members.

Where Can I Find My Commission Status and Other Details?

Your payment information is prominently displayed on the main page after logging into your affiliate account. For more detailed information, go to ‘Reports’ and select ‘Earnings Report.’

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