How Much Commission Will I Earn?

Mozzart Affiliates offers commission structures ranging from 25% to 45% in Revenue Share. Please check our Commissions page for more details on our commission rates.

Do you support CPA and hybrid models?

Yes, depending on the traffic value, we offer CPA and Hybrid models with tailored agreements. Our customized approach ensures a mutually beneficial partnership.

 Is There Negative Carryover (NCO)?

Yes, negative carryover (NCO) is subject to individual agreements. In cases where players’ winnings exceed losses, negative balances may occur, but these are typically resolved over time. Affiliates are not obligated to reimburse, and only negative numbers from the previous month are carried forward.

Moreover, we also offer a No Negative Carryover (NNCO) option, on certain conditions based on player value and other circumstances.

Additionally, our brands are treated separately for payment purposes, ensuring that negative results in one brand won’t impact positive results in others.

How Long Will I Earn Commission on Referred Players?

You will earn a commission on players you refer for a lifetime activity. Once you bring in players, your earnings continue as long as they are active on our platform

How Can I Find out my Earnings?

Your payment information is prominently displayed on the main page after logging into your affiliate account. For more detailed information, go to ‘Reports’ and select ‘Earnings Report.’

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