Happy Monday Bonus

What is the Happy Monday Bonus at Mozzart Serbia?

The Happy Monday Bonus at Mozzart Serbia is a weekly bonus surprise for players, awarded every Monday based on individual player activity.

How does the Happy Monday Bonus work?

  • Calculation Algorithm: The bonus is awarded using a calculation algorithm that considers factors such as the frequency of platform access, stakes placed during the week, and the win/loss ratio.
  • Individual Eligibility: Eligibility for the bonus is determined individually for each player based on their weekly activity.
  • Instant Transfer: Once awarded, the bonus is instantly transferred to the player’s game account every Monday without any rollover conditions. It’s immediately available for play in both casino games and sports betting.

How can players utilize the bonus?

Withdrawal Restrictions: Bonus funds obtained through the Happy Monday Bonus cannot be withdrawn directly. They are exclusively reserved for playing on the Mozzartbet site or application.

Allocation Flexibility: Players have the flexibility to allocate bonus funds between their betting and slot game accounts.

Locked Funds: Bonus funds are locked into either the betting or slot game account and cannot be transferred between the two accounts.

How can players apply the bonus?

Betting Account Usage: Funds allocated to the betting account can be used to pay for all tickets, while funds allocated to the slot game account are exclusively for slot games. Winnings from these funds are converted into real money, augmenting the respective account balances.

Accessing the Bonus Section: The section dedicated to the Happy Monday Bonus can be accessed within the Betting account. Players can utilize the bonus funds by selecting the HMB section when paying for a ticket.

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