Sportsbook Cashback

Cashback up to 20% every weekend

What does the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion at entail?

The Sportsbook Cashback Promotion at is an exclusive weekend offer crafted for pre-match sports betting enthusiasts. 

What are the criteria for qualification in the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion?

To qualify, players need to deposit a minimum of €20 during Saturdays or Sundays and use the entire amount exclusively for pre-match sports betting. 

What are the requirements for bet slips in the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion?

Bet slips must include a minimum of 3 events, and each event should have odds of at least 1.35.

How is the bonus calculated in the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion?

On the following Monday, participant accounts are credited with a 20% bonus. The bonus amount is calculated based on the deposited sum, with a maximum cap of €100. 

Is the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion limited to specific sports betting events?

Yes, the promotion exclusively applies to pre-match sports betting events, providing players with a strategic wagering opportunity over the weekend. 

Do bet slips need to be settled immediately in the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion?

No, bet slips do not need to be settled until the conclusion of the weekend, offering flexibility for players. 

Can you provide an example of the Sportsbook Cashback Promotion in action?

Certainly, for instance, if a player deposits €20 on Saturday, engages in four bet slips at €5 each, and meets the promotion’s conditions, they would receive a 20% bonus of €4 from their €20 deposit on the following Monday.

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