Super Multi Bonus

What is the Super Multi Bonus offered by Mozzart Romania?

The Super Multi Bonus by Mozzart in Romania is an enticing opportunity for players to enhance their earnings from betting tickets registered through our platform.

How can players qualify for the Super Multi Bonus?

To qualify for the Super Multi Bonus, players must adhere to the following eligibility criteria:

  • The bonus is exclusively granted on single or system betting tickets declared as winners as per the Fixed Odds Bets Operating Regulations.
  • Qualified tickets must consist of a minimum of 6 events, each carrying a minimum odds value of 1.30.

What does the Super Multi Bonus offer to players?

The Super Multi Bonus amplifies the overall profit derived from qualified betting tickets, providing an additional dimension to players’ earnings from their successful wagers.

What is the key purpose of the Super Multi Bonus?

The Super Multi Bonus serves as an additional reward mechanism for players who engage with Mozzart’s betting tickets. It enhances their potential profits without incurring any additional costs, offering an attractive incentive for successful wagers.

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